Biology - Adams Summer Research Scholarship (Undergraduate)

Undergraduate Biology students only. Students applying for Undergraduate 2019 Summer Research must be a declared biology or zoology major with a minimum overall GPA of 3.5. Summer session enrollment in Honors or Independent Study is required.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you certify that you qualify for the Adams Undergraduate 2019 Summer Research scholarship in Biology (minimum 3.5 GPA, Biology/Zoology major, Honors/Independent Study)?
  2. Please attach a research plan for the summer (follow the instructions below).

    The maximum length of your research plan is three pages (12-point, double-spaced, with 1" margins). Longer proposals will not be considered. It should summarize the goal of the study, the hypothesis (hypotheses) that are being tested, preliminary research experience if any, and a description of the experimental or field work that is planned.
  3. Enrollment in Honors Readings/Research or Independent Study for at least two credit hours in the 2019 summer session is required. The scholarship will be revoked if the summer enrollment is not finalized.

    Please list the course(s) in which you will be enrolled (BIOL 3980, BIOL 3960, BIOL 3990, BIOL 4990) and the number of credit hours for each course.
  4. If you have previously received an Adams Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarship, attach a one-page progress report for your most recent award (instructions below).

    Your report should be one-page, 12-point font, single-spaced, with 1" margins. It should include a description of that year’s research activity and how you used the funding. Be sure to include the date and type of the award (Summer or Academic Year).

    Your attachment must be in .pdf format. No other formats will be accepted. Click “Browse” to find and open your document, then click “Upload File” to complete. For help, contact
  5. Adams Summer Research Scholarships require one letter recommendation letter from a faculty member with whom you'll be working. Please provide the name and email address of your reference below and click “Save and Keep Editing” or “Finish and Submit” to generate an email to your recommender. You can check the status of your recommendation by clicking on the “References” tab at the top of the page.

    Important: The name of your recommender MUST appear in the drop-down box below by February 1, 2019, in order to be considered. The drop down box cannot be left blank.