Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy Scholarship Application for Non-traditional Students

The Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy Dean’s office offers scholarships to Non-traditional students (examples: first person in your family to graduate from college, adult returning to college, single parent, or veteran students). Preference is given to students obtaining their first degree.

Departmental graduate scholarships are available, please contact your department for additional information on how to qualify for a scholarship.

Supplemental Questions
  1. This scholarship application is for non-traditional students. Please describe what makes you a non-traditional student and how being a non-traditional student has impacted your experience at OU.
  2. Are you a graduate student completing a thesis related to the energy sector? If yes, what is the topic?
  3. In 300 words or less, describe what you consider to be your most significant university experience and/or community service experience and why.
  4. Is there any additional information you would like the committee to consider with your application?
  5. Provide a detailed statement of your financial need.
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